We support early childhood programs to meet high standards, building stronger programs, systems and increasing capacity within their agency, our clients need creative strategies, innovative solutions, pragmatic implementation and smarter collaboration.

Our Services


NoLimit helps our clients clarify goals, identify opportunities and gaps, track success, and execute plans that achieve results. We bring our knowledge to help clients align their vision, strategies, capacity and resources to make a difference in the education sector.


We understand the local, state and national education reform landscape, and-since we’ve worked for policymakers, been Grantmakers and worked with nonprofit organizations ourselves-understand the pressures education leaders face.


We design meaningful, ongoing opportunities for organizations and individuals to collaborate through our expert facilitation, online resources, knowledge of effective networks and use of adult learning design principles.


When processes are designed and facilitated well, education leaders can learn from others’ best practices and collaborate to solve problems of practice then draft action plans to advance their individual and organizational work.

Follow Through is the New Innovation

In public education, it’s often easy to move on to the next big idea. We believe, instead, in making sure we finish what we’ve started-that’s the only way to achieve results for children ages birth to five and their families. In fact, our mantra is that follow through is the new innovation.

Program Design

NoLimit Consulting works side-by-side with leaders to identify needs, design pragmatic plans and develop capacity for action.


NoLimit Consulting works side-by-side with leaders to identify needs, design pragmatic plans and develop capacity for action.

Our Process

NoLimit has a robust strategy to build our staff and organizational capacity to lead on issues of equity, and to increase diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the firm. We also have a deep commitment to, and growing experience with, helping clients elevate, interrogate and take seriously how they pursue equity in their work. To achieve our goals, we believe intentional development work must be done at three levels:

1. Individual Staff

With individual staff on their own implicit biases and identity development.

2. Organizational

At the organizational level to analyze and redesign systems that could otherwise mirror the inequities we seek to dismantle and to nurture our inclusive, vibrant culture.

3. Our Clients

With our clients to ensure they focus on equity as an integral component of their work, from the stakeholders they engage in decision-making to the lenses they use to analyze their challenges.

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