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About Us

NoLimit Consulting, a small business, “Boutique Educational Consulting” company committed to providing aspiring programs and practicing educators/professionals with products and services needed to maintain high quality ratings.  

Our Mission and Vision

We believe that high quality interactions matter! So we consistently deliver excellent that strengthens and influences what matters most early childhood. In doing so, we will advance the vision of preparing all programs in building capacity within their programs. Our mission is to deliver exceptional ideas, experience-based solutions and results – and particularly to early childhood that serve low income families and children with special needs. We envision a world in which most early childhood program are prepared to meet the needs of the whole child through support growth and development of their staff across the organization. We recognize that, in order to pursue this mission, we must approach the work by studying gaps and inequities, asking tough questions about structural racism and more deliberately engaging diverse voices in problem-solving.

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Strategy & Consulting

NoLimit helps our clients clarify goals, identify opportunities and gaps, track success, and execute plans that achieve results. We bring our knowledge to help clients align their vision, strategies, capacity and resources to make a difference in the education sector.

Networks & Collaberation

NoLimit Consulting designs meaningful, ongoing opportunities for organizations and individuals to collaborate through our expert facilitation, online resources, knowledge of effective networks and use of leading-edge adult learning design principles.

Program Design & Implementation

We work with leaders to identify needs, design plans and develop capacity for action. We also design and manage educator processes so they are involved in problem-solving and decision-making and join stakeholders in taking ownership of new policies and reforms.

Our Staff

A Team Of Professionals

Dr. Deirdre Manley

Harry Manker

Margie Malone
Independent Consultant

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